These findings are shared for research purposes and indications for decision makers to help them broaden perspectives and expand understanding until they materialize in a reviewed paper.

We proceeded to a worldwide multiple factors analysis identifying factors across countries and their effects as to severity or propagation of the epidemic. We decided to publish our findings on this site until producing a paper to share and help researchers, decision makers and individuals who wish to. We can be contacted for questions and further exploration if needs be. These findings can have a contribution as to next steps for epidemic handling to minimize losses whilst promoting freedom, economy and life.

To retain a factor we proceeded to a reality check by 
1) Verifying if it stood out statiscally by comparing real life large populations
2) Verifying if it could be validated by observational or comparative studies on closed populations 

Main factors of significance that have been isolated and are ready for discussion and contradiction

1) Vitamin D, SUN, UVs

2) Diet, Lifestyle, Obesity

3) HVACs (Hot Cold Air conditionnings)

Secondary Factors of significance

4) Daily Metro ridership

5) Relative humidity

6) Severity Mortality and excess mortality analysis

7) Clusters exact formation, super spreading and herd immunity thresholds 

8) Density

Factors with preliminary analysis needing more investigation as to benefit/harm
A) Masks

B) Lockdown policies

Discarded factors

i) Blood type as studies are contradicted by real population statistics

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